Southwestern BBQ Totchos

Who doesn’t love BBQ? If you said “me,” we need to evaluate 1) our friendship and 2) your current life plan.

Any time we get BBQ out on the town, we inevitably have leftovers – lots and lots of leftovers. Mainly because we go beast mode like we are gearing up for a sumo match, when we really eat about 1/5th of what we order. Some of our favorites around Atlanta are Community Q in Decatur and Williamson Brothers in Marietta, btw.

This recipe is a quick way to use those leftovers and elevate it into a delicious mountain of food!

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Birthday bash

IMG_0953Last night we celebrated Trey’s birthday be having a few friends and co-workers over. It ended up being about 15 people over and we had a blast! We wanted to have some sort of food that wasn’t quite appetizers but not quite dinner so people would mingle about and not have to sit with a full plate.

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