Peach iced tea

Being a true southern boy, I was raised on sweet iced tea. I remember my mawmaw making  it in a big jar and mixing it around with her hand before pouring me a glass when I was little. Whether it is hot or cold outside, a big, tall glass of sweet iced tea hits the spot.

I thought that sweet tea couldn’t get any better – until I had a glass of peach iced tea at Barnsley Gardens in my hometown. Being a Georgia boy, you can’t go wrong with peach ;) If you ever have a chance to go to Barnsley, you have to try the iced tea. And if you ever run into the Fairy Godmother while you’re there, tell her Sven sent you.

After a few tries, I found the perfect recipe.

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Scallops and mushrooms over angel hair

We have both been super busy the past few weeks with work, doctor’s appointments, family visiting from out of town, Valentine’s Day, a birthday bash to plan – Trey and I have barely seen each other – even more than usual. But I wanted to share this recipe from a few weeks ago.

It was  Saturday night and Trey had to work late. Since Trey isn’t a big seafood person, I decided it was time to “treat yo self!”


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Birthday bash

IMG_0953Last night we celebrated Trey’s birthday be having a few friends and co-workers over. It ended up being about 15 people over and we had a blast! We wanted to have some sort of food that wasn’t quite appetizers but not quite dinner so people would mingle about and not have to sit with a full plate.

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