Birthday bash

IMG_0953Last night we celebrated Trey’s birthday be having a few friends and co-workers over. It ended up being about 15 people over and we had a blast! We wanted to have some sort of food that wasn’t quite appetizers but not quite dinner so people would mingle about and not have to sit with a full plate.

On the menu:

We made 7lbs of Carolina-style BBQ that we can make in our sleep. Fixins were baked beans, coleslaw and potato chips with onion dip. We used slider rolls so it was a quick grab-and-go option.

We also had chicken and waffle sliders. This idea came from our wonderful neighbor Tish. We got Eggo mini waffles and topped them with a piece of popcorn chicken. For those fixins we had a gravy boat of warm syrup and fried and diced a pound of bacon to sprinkle on top.

We also made homemade tortilla chips with a seasoning salt from one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. We bought small corn tortillas, brushed them with Canola oil and sprinkled them with the salt. We baked them at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes until they were crisp.  Jarred salsa finished it out.

It was BYOB but we of course had a few spare bottles of wine and beer should someone change their mind about having an adult beverage. (It’s called being a good host/being Southern :)

Here’s to many more birthdays and to my co-pilot in this crazy life!

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