Won ton-athon!

won tonsLately, we’ve been on a kick/mildly obsessed with won tons!


It all started with pimiento cheese.  The next thing we knew, we were stuffing these won tons with any and all kinds of cheese.  Then it escalated to buffalo chicken and cheese.  Then homemade pulled pork barbecue.


All of these ideas were tasty.  The best won ton, though, was one filled with lumpia filling.  Lumpia are Filipino spring rolls, and are crazy good!  There are lots of recipes out there for lumpia! Ours is a family recipe, so we have to hold on to that one, but we highly suggest finding one of your own! PS. Lumpia are addictive:)


Just believe us when we say that (almost) anything savory put into a won ton wrapper and fried will definitely be good!

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