Are you ready? We are!!!

We’re talking about Fall, of course!  It seems like the summer has flown by and that means Fall is coming!  The weather is oh-so-slowly cooling off, with today being no exception.  Our thermometer is ready 68 degrees and it’s mid-afternoon!

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Quick dinner tonight

We have been running and gunning today, which after weeks of being cooped up in the house after my knee surgery has been GREAT!

I finally broke down and went to Kroger with Trey to grab groceries for the week. I had refused to use one of the motorized carts for the last two weeks, but knew trying to traverse the new massively expanded Kroger would lead to a stranger with a crutch upside their head! Today I decided to go ahead and use a cart (which are usually full of people who DO NOT need them) and hilarity ensued. We’ll leave it with the photo of me looking like a grandmother below…

We didn’t want to be cooking and prepping for hours and hours tonight, so we just adjusted a few recipes and made it work effortlessly.

We had a half rack of ribs in the freezer that we ended up cooking nice and slow in the oven. We made mac and cheese, but spiced it up with a few tablespoons of pimiento cheese. We also made scratch cheddar biscuits with salted garlic butter on top.

It doesn’t have to be all homemade to be something “different” – just adjust and add to a few classics to make it work :)