Reviewing Chick-Fil-A’s Chicken Parm mealtime kit

So if you haven’t heard already, Chick-Fil-A is testing Mealtime Kits – similar to Blue Apron and HelloFresh. They are only testing in Atlanta for now, but we’ve got you covered ;)

And calm down, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Arizona – you guys have spicy chicken strips to test that we don’t.

Tonight, we tried one of the two options currently available – chicken parm!

They have everything you need all wrapped up in a cute little box complete with easy-to-follow directions.


We shared responsibilities in the kitchen and within 30 minutes, dinner was on the table. And, as you probably guessed, Chick-Fil-A came through!

The chicken was pre-marinated and turned out very juicy with a really good flavor. The breading mix had a cheesy crunch to it and the marinara and cheese topping were a WONDERFUL addition.

The spaghetti noodles came pre-cooked so we were a little concerned they would be super oily to prevent them being stuck together. That wasn’t the case at all and everything came together perfectly.


If you are looking for authentic chicken Parmesan, you may be better off trying a recipe online or your family’s recipe as this came across a little Americanized. However, if you are looking for a quick, easy dinner for two, Chick-Fil-A comes through in the clutch!

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