A Quick “Drab to Fab” Summer DIY

Curb appeal can be a pain to maintain.  But recently, we decided to take on a bland, boring space in our driveway and turn it into something colorful and low-maintenance!



We have a space in the front of our driveway that was not paved in when the house was built.  It was just a patch of grass, but it tends to hold water when we get heavy rain.  We decided to turn things around for this “wasted space” and create a visually-appealing rock and flower space!

We picked low-maintenance plants, such as Creeping Jenny and Mexican Heather to add in to the rock space.  We went with Mexican River Rocks and other smooth rocks to fill in the space, too.  A word to the wise, though; when filling in with rocks, size DOES matter.  So does measuring!  We love the folks at our #HomeDepot, but weren’t thrilled having to go back to get more rocks.  So buy more than you think you need!

Here’s the before and after for our finished end-of-summer DIY!


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