Giving thanks for great meals!

It’s time for Turkey Day!  It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is here already.  We have what you need to start the holidays with great food!  Of course, we all have our own favorite recipes for turkey, ham, green bean casserole, yams; we could go on and on!


(This very well could be an accurate depiction of our family’s usual Thanksgiving feast!)

Your own Thanksgiving recipes are tried and true, and like a snowflake; each one is different!  Here are some of our favorite recipes you can try this Thanksgiving!

Light and yummy Gougeres/Cheese Puffs


Garlic Parmesan Potatoes


Delicious grilled Parmesan corn



These next two recipes are a little more complex, but worth every minute of effort!

Fabulous red velvet cheesecake


One of our favorite things, the bacon marmalade!


Finally, a terrific cocktail:

THE grilled Old-Fashioned


Hopefully these recipes can provide some inspiration.  Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

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