Grilled Old Fashioned

Who doesn’t love bourbon? And who doesn’t love to grill? This recipe was inspired by Damaris Phillips when she and her siblings had a grilling day. I tweaked it a little to my taste and good golly, is it delicious!!!

Serves 4


Two navel oranges

12 fresh cherries

Bourbon (Marker’s Mark is good, or you can take it a little more posh with one of the Small Batch Bourbon Collection)


4 Tbsp sugar

Club soda



Cut oranges in half, then cut into four slices from each half

Pit cherries, cut in half

Put oranges and cherries on skewers

Grill long enough on each side to get good grill marks and sugars in the fruit start to caramelize (about 3-4 minutes on each side over HIGH heat)

In a rocks glass, add one piece of the grilled orange and three pieces of cherry

Add 1 Tbsp of sugar and three dashes of bitters, muddle together until sugar dissolves

Pack glass with ice cubes and top with 1.5 shots of bourbon

Fill remaining space in glass with club soda

Garnish with orange slice and cherry


A few variations: you can use brown sugar instead of regular sugar, or try using ginger ale instead of club soda! Make it your own and enjoy sipping the fruits of you labor in the rocking chair on the front porch – you deserve it!

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