Holiday leftovers!

We hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season!  Now that the bulk of the hustle and bustle is over, we can focus on food again!

Of course, food is a big part of the holidays.  Since we stayed in Atlanta for Christmas, due to work schedules, we were able to make our own holiday meals!

Over the past week, we’ve made a holiday ham, mashed potatoes, and a ton of breakfast food for Christmas morning.  We made even more this past weekend, but we will get to that in other posts!

We have been running out of room in the fridge with all of this food!  So tonight, I decided to take a few different leftovers and make them into some sort of casserole-type dish.

Leftover casseroleIt was time to put the ham in the freezer.  But before it went in, I grabbed about six pieces of ham and set that aside to use for the casserole.  I combined the ham with some leftover bacon from Christmas morning breakfast, frozen hash browns, green pepper, seasonings and some cheese!  I was happy with the outcome, but more importantly, there’s more room in my fridge!!

Have you created a leftover concoction that turned out well?  Let us know!


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