Are you ready? We are!!!

We’re talking about Fall, of course!  It seems like the summer has flown by and that means Fall is coming!  The weather is oh-so-slowly cooling off, with today being no exception.  Our thermometer is ready 68 degrees and it’s mid-afternoon!

This pic is from when we were camping a few years ago up in the mountains of Virginia :) Oh, the good times!!!


So, what does Fall mean to you?  For us, it means SO many things!

Chunky sweaters.  Soups.  Nights around the fire pit.  Later evenings with the fireplace going.  Football (yes, these gays will watch a college football game almost every weekend!)  Pumpkins, hay bales and the such on the porch.  But NO pumpkin spice-flavored stuff.  We just can’t wrap our heads around that one!  Soups.  Baking.  Apple crust/crumble.  Soups.  Did we mention soups?!?!

Take a moment and think about what the leaves changing color and the cooler weather means to you!  And enjoy the great season that is right upon us!

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