Country Living Fair

This weekend was one of our favorite times of year – the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain Park. My mom and dad even drove down (they live an hour away) and stayed the night in preparation, as this was our third year going.

One of our favorite things about the fair is seeing the design/merchandising at the booths and the creativity they use to make an old, everyday item look like the cover of a magazine. Anyone can put a few items on a table and sell it, but these guys and gals are professionals!


AND they have some very unique items, like this wheelbarrow with a custom mirror insert –


We ended up walking the festival route about two times (a little over two miles) and left with some great loot! We got an aged tin Georgia sign, Maine Blueberry wooden crate, a feed sack, and a huge bread board. We also got some Ginger Snap-infused honey (it is stupid good!) from a small company out of Chattanooga.

Can’t wait until next year!!!!

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