Chili over Jalapeño cornbread waffles

Tonight was a typical weeknight dinner conundrum – we wanted something really good but didn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen prepping. The solution? Chili we made and froze from last winter and jalapeño cornbread waffles.

For the waffles, we used a box of Jiffy Cornbread mix and tweaked it from there. We diced up some tamed, pickled jalapeños and shredded about a cup of cheddar cheese. We mixed the cornbread according to the recipe and just added in the peppers, cheese and about a tablespoon of the jalapeño juice for extra flavor.

We put four heaping tablespoons of the batter in the waffle maker and let it cook until lightly browned (waffle makers are vastly different, so keep an eye on the progress to avoid burned waffles.)

We topped the waffles with a heaping serving of chili and topped that with cheddar cheese.

This is definitely something we plan on having again this fall!!! Who else is ready for sweater weather?!?!?

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