We love to blog about the many great ideas and recipes that we find!  But every once in a while, we come across a meal where, well, let’s face it, something bad happens. This post isn’t a recipe to share; this post is about one of “those” meals…

It all started when we were discussing the idea of making lumpia.  Lumpia is a Filipino/Southeast Asian spring roll, similiar to an egg roll.  Veggies, meat, seasonings and soy, all rolled into a nice thin piece of pastry and fried.  Sounds great, right?!?!?  Well…

Let’s be honest.  Everything would have been fine, except we bought the wrong kind of pastry papers to roll them in.  We were so excited to find what we thought were the right kind, that we didn’t think it through completely and just bought the darn things.

Once we rolled them into the pastries, it started to become evident that maybe we had bought the wrong kind.  We bought spring roll papers, rather than lumpia wrappers.  Would you think that maybe they would be similar?

The lumpia ended up looking like something out of a sci-fi movie.  It was definitely an adventure, and they had a decent taste and texture at first…until you really bit down and realized that they were not just crispy on the outside, they were also soggy on the inside.

We tried!  We’re certainly not perfect, nor did we ever claim to be!  Obviously, until we get the recipe right, we won’t have a recipe to share.  And that’s if we ever try making these things again!

So that’s that.  Maybe we’ll have better luck next time!!!  In the meantime, the “Elephant Man” lumpia still haunts my dreams…

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