Peach iced tea

Being a true southern boy, I was raised on sweet iced tea. I remember my mawmaw making  it in a big jar and mixing it around with her hand before pouring me a glass when I was little. Whether it is hot or cold outside, a big, tall glass of sweet iced tea hits the spot.

I thought that sweet tea couldn’t get any better – until I had a glass of peach iced tea at Barnsley Gardens in my hometown. Being a Georgia boy, you can’t go wrong with peach ;) If you ever have a chance to go to Barnsley, you have to try the iced tea. And if you ever run into the Fairy Godmother while you’re there, tell her Sven sent you.

After a few tries, I found the perfect recipe.

Ingredients and preparation:

One family-sized bag of tea (I prefer Lipton)

Two bags of Celestial Country Peach Passion Tea

Add all the tea bags to two cups of boiling water. Let sit and steep for 5 minutes.

In a pitcher, put one cup of sugar and add tea to the pitcher. Stir hot tea and sugar together until dissolved.

Fill remainder of pitcher with cold water, while continuously stirring.

Now pour a glass over a glass packed with ice and enjoy!

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