Master bedroom revamp

Let’s be honest – sometimes life just happens and before you know it you are overlooking the things you’ve always disliked, like a scuff on the wall or a pile of magazines in the corner that you still haven’t gone through. #reallife

Well, we’ve lived in our house more than two years, so a few weeks ago we figured it was high time to paint and style our bedroom the way we wanted.

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Spoonburgers, AKA Sloppy Joes!

I’ll be honest; I’ve never tried a Manwich.  It hasn’t looked too appealing to me over the years, but that’s just me.  I grew up with homemade sloppy joes, which my mother called Spoonburgers.  This is, presumably, because you practically have to eat them with a spoon, as they’re definitely sloppy!  I love making them all the time, because they’re quick, easy, and last for a few meals.

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Easter Sunday

Since we moved into the new house, we’ve had several parties – the annual Holiday party, Trey’s birthday bash, a Mexican-inspired cooking party – but we haven’t actually had a dinner party. Having heavy finger food that keeps people moving and conversing is very different than having to entertain nine people around a dinner table.

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