Master bedroom revamp

Let’s be honest – sometimes life just happens and before you know it you are overlooking the things you’ve always disliked, like a scuff on the wall or a pile of magazines in the corner that you still haven’t gone through. #reallife

Well, we’ve lived in our house more than two years, so a few weeks ago we figured it was high time to paint and style our bedroom the way we wanted.

We chose a gray that was a little darker than we usually would choose (Cool Ashes by Behr from the Home Depot), but the master bedroom is pretty large and has two windows and french doors to the balcony. With all the natural light and large high gloss crown mouldings, we figured it would work for us. And guess what – it looks amazing!

We’ve always had accents of orange and navy blue with our comforter or duvet throughout the year and the paint color really makes the room pop!

We made our headboard out of old wood from the deck that was destroyed by a massive tree limb 18 days after we bought the house – yep, we got to spend a crap-load of money to meet our deductible for a new deck before we even made our first mortgage payment. I digress…  #homeownerstories


We wanted lights built into the headboard so it would clean up space on the nightstands – but we also didn’t want to spend $200 a piece for the ones on the swivel arm that we really liked. So we caved and just used some industrial lamps from IKEA that actually fit our style and were $20 a piece. Cha-ching!!!


If you haven’t noticed by now, we like using old objects that some would store in a garage for a different use – mainly, this tie rack from an old wooden golf club.


We still have a little work to do, but for now we’re just going to sit back, relax, and enjoy the new look :)



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