Buffalo chicken & rice

We both love a little spice on our food, a good bargain, and easy dinner every once in a while. This checks all the boxes and packs a punch.

As we’ve said before, during the holiday season last year our clothes got a little more snug than we’d prefer. So while Trey likes this meal with traditional white rice, I had mine with riced Parmesan cauliflower.

And we bought a whole organic chicken at the store and roasted it over the weekend, before pulling all the meat for dinners and lunches this week.


2 cups of pulled chicken

1 Tbsp butter

1/4 cup hot sauce (we used Texas Pete, with a few more dashes of Louisiana Hot Sauce)

Cooked rice OR riced cauliflower



Prepare rice or warm riced cauliflower

In saute pan, cook chicken, butter, and hot sauce over medium heat until warmed and chicken begins browning

Put rice of cauliflower in bowl and top with chicken





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