50/50 Burgers

A few years ago, 50/50 burgers took off and the world will never be the same. Who wouldn’t love a burger that’s half ground beef and half ground bacon? So we decided to use the new grinder attachment for our Kitchen Aid mixer and lose control…

We actually used sirloin steak and frozen bacon to make our patties. The colder the meat, the better the grind (only took a few tries to learn this)


After dicing up the steak and making quick lardons with the frozen bacon, we got to work. We had read online that grinding the meat twice was a good habit, but we wanted a good texture to the burgers. We ended up with this beautiful combo –


We seasoned it with S&P and added some Worcestershire sauce, pattied them up and hit the grill!

I ended up leaving them on the grill a tad too long because I wanted to make sure the raw bacon was cooked through (it’s one thing to have rare-sh beef, yet another to have rare-ish pork). Our tip – cook them like you would cook a regular burger, don’t add time or try an do anything special or you’ll eff it up ;)

Just add some good cheese (we recommend sharp cheddar), mustard, mayo, ketchup, pickle – whatever your heart desires! Enjoy!!!!

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