Sausage balls

I’ve only met a few people from the South that have never heard of sausage balls. These were always available at every event when we were growing up – baby showers, weddings, funerals, church pot lucks – you name it.

This is another recipe using a few items that are usually around the house. After you make them once, you’ll probably turn into the person who makes them for every event :)

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Creamy pimiento cheese

Pimiento cheese was a staple growing up. We almost always had it in the fridge, especially during the summer. Pimiento cheese made a comeback a few years ago back into mainstream. There are so many recipes out there that include pimiento cheese – pimiento cheese deviled eggs, pimiento cheese twice-baked potatoes, pimiento cheese potato salad – the list goes on. And trust me, we’ve tried them all. But there is something special about classic pimiento cheese that just doesn’t convey into other recipes.

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