Grilling season!

Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start of Summer we grilled, well, almost…everything!


We had the opportunity of not having a jam-packed weekend of barbecues, so we took the opportunity to grill for ourselves!

Of course we had the customary burgers and dogs, and even grilled chicken.  We even had grilled peaches and vanilla ice cream!  OMG doesn’t even explain it!

We decided to end the weekend with a favorite of ours; shish kebabs.

Using our “ancient family recipe” for the marinade, we made our favorite kind of kebabs with steak, peppers, onions, pineapple and potatoes.  The marinade is made of Russian dressing, honey, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, S&P and love.  Just kidding; putting the marinated meat and veggies on a kebabs is like slow torture, and you get orange hands!!  But they’re worth it!

Here’s to another great summer season on the grill, whether it be gas, charcoal, or even an indoor one!



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