The More You Know (about cast iron)

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It’s always great to find out information about product viability, etc.

Recently, we had a cast iron skillet get knocked off of our counter by our “feeble when we’re not looking, but apparently an acrobat in hiding” Husky, and the handle broke off of the thing!

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(Not the actual broken cast iron skillet)

We thought for sure these things were made to stand the test of time, so we reached out to the manufacturer, Lodge, to see if there was any type of warranty on their products.  While there are some instances where they will “solve the problem to your satisfaction”, this was not one of those cases.

Regardless of that, they equipped us with some cast iron knowledge that we wanted to share!

Cast iron apparently isn’t indestructible.  It can break, especially when dropped/handled roughly. Cast iron is strong but brittle (like when it’s cold), so it will break before it ever bends. This has nothing to do with the quality of their products; it is just the nature of cast iron.

We still prefer their products over any other cast iron products out there!  This isn’t a slam on the company, but we wanted to share this info with you all!

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