Baby shower mimosa bar


Let’s face it – no expectant mother wants an open bar or signature alcoholic cocktail at their shower that they can’t enjoy themselves. BUT, we’ve found that mimosas and mock-mosas tend to be an acceptable choice. So when we were asked to help with our best friend’s baby shower, we knew a cute mimosa bar would work perfectly!

After getting to a rather large Pinterest k-hole and posting WAY too many pins to even add together to make anything cohesive (you know you’ve done it too), we took the best parts and made it our own :)

The theme was French brunch and hot air balloons, so we thought a few decorative accents would add to the theme and not make it look like a frat house tailgate.

To start, I wanted to make something that the mom-to-be could use to decorate the baby’s room with if she wanted. We found large cardboard letters to spell out baby’s name and bought a few pieces of decorative paper with a map printed on it at Joann’s ($15 total.) We traced the letters onto the back of the map paper and then decoupaged the paper onto the front of the letters. BOOM – done with that!

IMG_2220 (1)

We also used an Eiffel tower jewelry stand from Michael’s and spray painted it metallic gold. We stuffed a set of 50 Christmas lights up the center and voila! Another element done!

For the mimosas and mock-mosas, we didn’t want to go too crazy with options, so we thought of a few of our favorite champagne cocktails and narrowed it down: traditional mimosa, mango-mosa, Poinsettia, Kir Royale and Bellini.

We had a few glass bottles in a set and added a few more of different sizes from IKEA.


We simply added labels to the mixers. A case of champagne and a few bottles of sparkling grape juice for mom-to-be rounded it out.


Instead of garnishes, we decided to simply freeze some blackberries (in season) and strawberries to keep the drink chilled and add some pizzazz!

It all came out pretty cool, we think! Mom was happy!


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