DIY projects: back porch benches

This past weekend, we decided to make our own built-in benches in the deck – just in time for summer!

It took a few hours over the course of two days, but they are definitely worth it!

We wanted something that was somewhat convertible so we could adjust in different situations. If we have company for a cookout, we wanted long benches that could hold plenty of guests. When it is just Trey and I, we wanted the be able to make it more intimate and a livable space for us and the pups.
The plans we came up with (in our heads) was three 4′ sections with a movable side table/footstool.
We ended up using the last of the wood from our old deck that was taken out by a massive oak tree limb right after we bought the house. It was already weather treated and we had plenty of it. We only needed a few 2x4s to frame it out and a few boxes of screws.
We made the benches 18″ tall and 22.5″ deep.
For two of the 4′ sections we wanted to be able to use it for storage as well, so we installed hinges to make lids on the boxes.
The last piece we made was the movable side table/foot stool. This truly makes the whole set up convertible. You can use it as an ottoman or put it anywhere on the benches to make it a side table that is “built in” to the bench.
A good old fashioned sanding and it was good to go (for now).
We still have to make the outdoor cushions, but for the most part it is already a usable add on to the deck!!!
And of course, the dogs wanted their credit for “helping” on the project (aka barking and stepping on things we were working on. Gotta love them…
PS – we are aware that we need to close up the sides with a few more pieces of wood :) That is for THIS weekend !

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