Quick run to the market

So, I made a quick run to the market for olive oil – and this is what I came back with. I hate it when that happens, but this place is definitely worth the trip. If you haven’t been here, you’ve got to stop by.

We live near the DeKalb Farmers Market in Decatur. This place is like no other in the Southeast. It has a massive department for vegetables, most of which you’d never see at your local market. There is also a HUGE fresh seafood and meat market, where you can select your cuts and see the fishmongers at work with the fresh catch. They bake their own breads and pastries, you can make your own nut butters and their fresh spices, cheeses, and selection of international sauces and products are amazing. Definitely worth a day trip!

PS. This is an international market, so the clientele is also from around the world. Be prepared to deal with different cultures and people. Personal space outside the U.S. if very different than what we are used to. Also, they only accept cash and debit cards, so plan ahead.

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