Quick tip Thursdays

IMG_0953We wanted to start a quick set of posts on tips we have learned along the way in our culinary and life adventures, so we plan on posting a quick tip every Thursday to help you along your way!

So please check back with us every Thursday for a good tip that is easy to remember and make life a little easier!

Today’s tip:

Does 1 cup = 1 cup? Yes and no. Wet and dry measurements are usually slightly different.

Wet measurements are meant to be made in a measuring cup so you can measure to the line in the cup and have a little room for “slosh” when moving to the mixing bowl.

Dry measurements are meant to fill the spoon, then level off with a straight edge/finger so you get the exact amount.

So if you measure a 1 Cup of milk in a measuring spoon, you’ll probably be a little shy by the time you get it to the mixing bowl. And if you measure 1 Cup of flour in a measuring cup, be prepared to get 1 Cup +/- a few Tbsp. in the mixing bowl.

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